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October 7, 2011

Here you’ll find information that we hope will help you learn how to become a better trader.

Our focus is on technical analysis, which we feel offers timely guidance on entries, exits, profit targets, and risk management, as well as portfolio and equity curve analysis.   We also discuss the important issues of psychology in trading, such as loss aversion and confirmation bias.  Find out more about Dan here, as well as hear what some of our traders have to say.

Should you be interested in expanding your trading skills, we have a small group of traders that meet regularly with Dan to discuss current market conditions, and continue to develop their trading skills through Dan’s example and guidance. Our private subscriber-based website features not only daily market updates, but also real time stock alerts, and many educational materials similar to those found in past posts on this website.

On the right you’ll find three videos from our meetings.  The first gives an introduction to various topics we’ve covered over the last six months.  The second is a sample meeting video from September 28th discussing Trend/Consolidation Analysis.  The third is an ongoing analysis of the recent downtrend, along with detailed examples of short setups that we discussed during August and September.

For more information, feel free to email us at support@marintrading.com.

Good trading!


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