Study – BblBhp

October 17, 2012

Study – BblBhp – I looked back to find a similar day in BblBhp120.  The first chart is from 9/14/12.  Note:
1. On 4-minute chart the pair never broke a swing low the entire day
2. At the max, the pair was up ~1.25, or 1.18 on 1-minute chart (not shown)
3. The pair maxed out at ~9:30 pst
If today does the same the pair would max out at 7.45~ at 9:30:

BblBhp 4-Minute (9/14)

Picture 1 of 2

[8:47:52 AM] dan steinberg: right now the last 4 mn swing low is 7.13

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