Radar – SvuKr300

June 20, 2011

SVU good long side scalping/short-term trading stock.  Can lean against KR:

SVU Daily

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Radar – CclRcl100

April 27, 2011

Radar – CclRcl100.  Looking for swing low entry in -2 to -2.50 area.

1.  Previous highs now support

2.  62% retracement of previous rally

3.  Swing projection -2.48

4.  OS (Not turned up yet)

NOTE: RCL earnings 4/28 before market

CclRcl Followup #2- PREMKT

April 8, 2011

CclRcl trading down premkt  .35-.40c (-2.20ish).  Looking to take off remaining short layer.

However, not trading down enough for me to want to go long pre-market for an OPG trade.  Would consider a long OPG trade in  -2.35 to -2.40 area, which would also be at lower Bollinger Band area and a 70% ATR extension.

Followup – CclRcl100

April 7, 2011

Shorted two layers in target spread area of -1.8 to -1.5.  Covered first, holding second for now…

Radar – CclRcl100

April 7, 2011

Quick look at CclRcl100 pre-market…

– Pair trading lower .40-.50, >50%ATR.  Looking at premarket buy entry for OPG trade.

– However, for intermediate term position, would be seller.  Pair is very overbought into resistance (note OBOS oscillator at levels where recent intermediate term highs have been made), and current channel wave structure clearly corrective.  Looking to short the pair -1.8 to -1.5.

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