Radar/Study – OPG 2/2

February 2, 2012

This is an excerpt from my OPG Spreadsheet.  Notice BNS had 23,400 to sell, 4.3% average daily volume (90-day), and was 2.45% below FV.  I paired this with TD, which had a small imbalance to buy and was at FV.  BNS opened at 50.85, 12 minutes after open was at 51.04.  TD opened at 78.01, 12 minutes after open was at 77.34:

Radar/Study – 3-Day Weighted Change

December 1, 2011

Radar/Study – below is a look at the 3-day weighted change from my opening analysis.  The spreadsheet can be downloaded by clicking here:


Radar – OPG

August 19, 2011

Initially this morning, the market had rebounded considerably from overnight lows and imbalances were on the buy side; in this case,  I’d most likely pass on the open (due to yesterdays big decline).

However, they’ve since flipped to large sell imbalances, and there might be a few good opportunities.  Here is the list that I’m focusing on for now – mainly Dow stocks:

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