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Market Update $XOP:

January 20, 2017

$XOP is my favorite ETF right now, textbook int. term consolidation on top of support. Also long $CPE, $WPX (recently completed secondary, insider buying).

Radar – GLD, DGP

January 24, 2014

Radar – GLD, DGP – breaking out of Inverse Head & Shoulders:

DGP Daily

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Radar/Market Analysis – XLF

February 29, 2012

Radar/Market analysis – pending breakout of bullish 3-week rising triangle consolidation – XLF:

Radar – EWZ, VWO, PPH

February 24, 2012

Radar – ETF breakout watchlist… EWZ, VWO, PPH:

EWZ Daily

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Radar/Followup – SPX/SDS

January 24, 2012

Looking to scalp SDS from long side now.  Also – TWM on radar:

SDS 8-Minute

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Radar – SPX

January 24, 2012

Radar – short-term trade setup in SPX.  Looking to short SPX (SPY, or long BGZ, TWM) on break of 3-day pivot area (close 4 days ago, last 3-day lows).  Target 1275-1285 (20ma and ATR):

January 5, 2012

Below is an article on ETF decay, which relates to previous post on UNG:

Understanding ETF/ETN decay part 1: Contango and Backwardation

Radar/Study – UNG

January 5, 2012

Natural Gas has been in a severe bear market since mid-2008.  A possible 3-4 day reversal pattern is in place, with a hook forming today (although not pretty).  On 55-minute it’s pulling back into the heart of the reversal, and could be a good risk/reward long setup.

UNG could be good setup for long-side scalping short term trading.  Also, if UNG 135-minute can break through ATR and 50-ma, it could provide a possible intermediate-term setup:

QNG 55-Minute

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Radar/Study- GLD

December 29, 2011

GLD approaching intermediate-term target of 139-143:
1. Intermediate-term swing target
2. Short-term swing target
3. 38% retracement of long-term range (11/08 low to 9/11 high)
4.Previous Intermediate-Term Resistance (now support) 11/10- 4/11

GLD Daily

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Radar/Study – FXE

December 20, 2011

FXE OS and at significant support and projection levels.  Watching 135-minute and 21-min for time frames to line up –

FXE Daily

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