September 22, 2017

Watching to see if it can hold the 9ema:

$ORMP Accumulation

September 7, 2017

Whoever is buying $ORMP is not buying for a couple point move.

Long 8.68 Ave, Targets 10.5, 14



Taking Profits $AZUL

September 7, 2017

Nice trade from yumyum setup (50ma/Atr)

Entry 24.74, Exit 26.74 (8%)

$AUPH Breaking Out On Drug News

April 21, 2017

Relavent info-“Both doses of voclosporin at 48 weeks demonstrated continued improvement over the control group across multiple dimensions. Notably, the voclosporin groups demonstrated statistically significantly improved speed and rates of CR and PR. Of the patients that achieved CR at 24 weeks, in the low-dose voclosporin group, 100% remained in CR at 48 weeks, which demonstrates durability of clinical response. Proteinuria levels and reduction in SLEDAI scores, which include non-renal measures of lupus activity, also continued to significantly separate over time versus the control group. Additional analyses are ongoing and will be presented at future medical and scientific meetings. No unexpected safety signals were observed and voclosporin was generally well-tolerated, with the nature of adverse events consistent with what is expected of patients suffering from highly active LN while undergoing immunomodulation-based therapy.”

$NUE at support

April 18, 2017

$NUE at int. term support: Previous Low, Previous High, 200ma, 50% ret., also lower BB Daily and Weekly.

Note: Earnings Thursday  4/20 before the open.



$WFC great r/r under 52

April 13, 2017

50% retracement, 200ma, very oversold short and int. term:

$AMGN 200ma setup

April 10, 2017

Looking at $AMGN after gap fill, basing on 200ma. Earn 4/26:


$SRNA – $IMLFF analogy

April 7, 2017

$IMLFF: Cannabis Rocketship

April 6, 2017

Got a runner in $IMLFF, targets: .76, .96

$IBB Biotechs on radar

March 22, 2017

Small range hook/doji forming at lower BB, 50ma, and recent pivot area. Very OS short term.

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